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Background Pony #FBCD
@Chuy Ryu
Who says she doesn’t? And before you say she didn’t ask Sunset about him they were in a hurry trying to find answers and were trying to focus.
Artist -

The One and Only
@Background Pony #B82F
Anyway, not the popular girl at school
_They all walk by, no one has a clue_♪
Took a walk into the woods to give up
_Found a strange rock, so I dug it up_♪
F*ck Sunset, I have a new plan
_I'll erase the memories of all her damn friends!_♪

(Trust me, mate, I could never forget this song ^^)
Background Pony #FBCD
The best ship ever! I don’t care what form it take. Pony x pony, human x human or pony x human is all perfect to me. Great to see it still alive.