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It sounded cute in my head.
Take Fluttershy, the cutest of the mane 6 (arguably), then stick the outfit for Kanna Kamui on her.
(The cutest character in the Dragon Maid anime by quite a margin).
safe1691279 artist:40kponyguy761 derpibooru exclusive28072 fluttershy211134 pegasus285968 pony953024 clothes454126 cosplay27584 costume27196 crossover61695 cute197624 female1349238 head tilt1052 horns5818 kanna kamui31 looking at you165888 mare473513 miss kobayashi's dragon maid90 pigtails4693 raised hoof44930 simple background388332 solo1053903 traditional art116909 twintails1682 white background96369


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Background Pony #C9B2
Flutters trying the ravioli defence method to try and stop people lewding her…

Can't see it working myself