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safe1691320 artist:bobthedalek909 princess cadance32505 shining armor22981 sunburst6639 alicorn221635 pony953067 unicorn316909 armor23539 bathrobe1394 blue background4987 cadance is not amused100 clothes454025 comic108173 crystal guard232 crystal guard armor343 dungeons and dragons1252 female1349241 figurine1555 male367675 mare473610 ogres and oubliettes287 pen and paper rpg658 robe3619 shining armor is a goddamn moron161 simple background388279 stallion106789 sunburst is not amused78 tabletop game311 this will end in a night on the couch40 tired3097 unamused15981 yawn1383 you blew it6


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Hunt down a copy of the original Rogue Trader (aka 40k first edition, all hail the beakies) and try both! It's still miniatures as opposed to straight pen-and-paper, but the power of homebrew can fix pretty easily.