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Come on Pinkie. Not in public. Everyone’s staring.
safe1972434 screencap263745 applejack187849 fluttershy238295 pinkie pie238657 rainbow dash259412 rarity203210 spike87312 sushi hooves7 toadstool blossom27 twilight sparkle333028 alicorn274631 dragon72250 earth pony361916 pegasus407101 pony1324455 unicorn446878 my little pony: the movie20650 aaugh!65 awkward moment232 background pony11370 bow38204 cake11537 candle6047 canterlot6478 concerned1106 confused5803 cotton candy762 crown24982 embarrassed13611 eyeroll664 faic13825 food87797 gem8269 hat109013 horn117411 jewelry91346 list378 mane seven7351 mane six35335 nose in the air1809 open mouth198002 out of context4766 pinkie being pinkie1557 quill3086 raised eyebrow7944 regalia29846 ribbon8255 screaming4297 scroll3825 shipping fuel1879 shocked8927 surprised11292 tied up7365 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138606 unamused20665 unnamed pony2206 volumetric mouth1171


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Background Pony #7F4C
Spike’s thought process:
“Whoa, Rarity is not into this at all…”
“Hold on, this proves she’s straight! I still have a chance!”
Background Pony #5518
Rarity: “And ponies think I’m dramatic…”
Applejack: (rolls eyes)
Duck - Likes to sockpuppet for drama
Duck - 1104243, just... 1104243
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I know you’re joking, but it’s not impossible that a few of the storyboard artists might’ve been former fan artists. Remember that DHX did hire a bunch of new storyboard artists for the movie.