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Cadance: Uggghhh… that's not what I meant, when I told her to "embrace the family"!
Shining: Gnnn… how could she ever lose to Chrysalis with THIS amount of strength?!
Cadance: Auntie is not a monster! She only does this to her loved ones! Argh…
safe1555510 artist:banebuster52 princess cadance30127 princess celestia89040 princess flurry heart6143 shining armor21562 alicorn190970 pony826609 unicorn257554 ^^64 aunt77 auntlestia28 baby8867 bear hug103 cuddling7752 cute173614 cutelestia3074 embrace437 eyes closed78403 family3963 female879700 flurrybetes795 foal14649 four-limbed hug18 frontal10 gradient background10588 happy27085 heart42450 hug25049 love4272 male299098 mare404249 missing accessory7349 momlestia969 pain1516 pain star84 parent515 simple background337815 smiling209862 snuggling6433 stallion90361 strong166 varying degrees of want632 winghug2602


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
I could absolutely see Celestia as the literal mom-horse who lives through the families of her loved ones when she can't decide on who to start one of her own with, but she sees the adorable children she could grandma over. I'm sure she just wishes Flurry was her own, but that won't stop her from acting as if she is. Same would go for when Twilight procreates, and especially Luna.