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Fluttershy shows medieval dark age h0rs the wonders of the internet. Nothing could possibly go wrong!
safe1878360 artist:evehly815 applejack182112 fluttershy229366 king sombra15089 pegasus364113 pony1224171 unicorn401413 bed46849 bowl1930 cape11992 clothes524597 colored wings8538 colored wingtips1830 computer6849 cuddling9195 curved horn8197 cute222733 cutie mark51667 female1516151 food81055 glowing eyes12808 laptop computer2632 male427813 mare566060 munching143 netflix and chill51 popcorn1684 prone28962 question mark5274 shipping219979 shyabetes15954 sombradorable342 sombrashy388 stallion134884 straight151408


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Sciencepone of Science!
You know, the posing and everything is adorable, but…
It’s a bit disturbing to know that some people are just straight-up evil, and others think “oh, sure, he’s a nice guy inside…”
Let’s be real.
(Warning: Grimdark)  
He wants to see her in chains. If he finds her attractive, in a NSFW way, sure, but not with her consent. At all. In fact he probably very much wants it to be non-consensual. Because it’d give him a power high, and dictators live for power-highs. That’s why and how they became dictators. It’s like the evil side of yourself, but let off a leash and not subdued by a conscience or any morality. People like that exist.
But sure, we can say Sombra isn’t one of those actually-evil people, but who in all of MLP would be, then?
Before her reformation episode, I would’ve said Diamond Tiara :p
Maybe Tirek? Storm King?
Sombra’s just a great candidate, tho, because how he’s the only show-character to actually die on-screen to date and the lack of any mourning and the fact that the only time we’ve seen serious PTSD in the show is from his rule kind of gives me a strong headcanon that he’s from a setting/world with a much worse rating than MLP, but that’s all shrouded behind the Crystal Ponies saying “I don’t want to remember”. He’s the one thing that’s ever driven Celestia and Luna to go to all-out war that they recruit armies into and industrialize the nation for.
I could go on… But hey, headcanons, headcanons :q
The art itself is cute, tho. Just wish we could get like a Big Mac version or something… Just some not-evil stallion.
Background Pony #32B2
“If the delivery stallion truly loves this mare, why is he slapping her rear?”