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safe1749534 artist:underpable869 princess celestia96723 alicorn232730 pony1009670 :t3863 blush sticker2608 blushing204482 crown17933 female1401067 flag4022 gray background7664 impossibly large horn80 jewelry68117 lidded eyes31757 long horn454 looking at you175505 mare501771 necklace20341 one eye closed32466 parody15783 regalia21118 roman142 simple background408809 sitting65540 smiling260610 smirk12999 solo1093779 spqr9 spread wings57003 wat19469 wing fluff1683 wings122916 wink25639


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That's mostly a good design for a flag, but you shouldn't have text on it. The symbol probably isn't good. I think it's only recognizable up close.