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Inspired by the song of the same name from Trolls: The Beat Goes On.

Dusk Shine: Now, I suppose you're wondering why I've gathered you all here. Well, It's because I realized I shouldn't have call Presto a pompous windbag. Sure, he's boastful and a complete show off. But he's still a great guy. So I owe Presto an apology. In the form of a song. Here goes'.

[Dusk Shine] Oh would you forgive me for

everything I've done?

I didn't mean it

I should've seen that I was hurting someone

You shine bright like the sun in the sky on a beautiful day

You're enlightend, but humble

And handsome and so very bra-a-ave

Presto: That was lovely. But was that the entirety of your song, Dusk?

Dusk Shine: (reads the rest of the song and grumbles)

[Dusk Shine] I'm so sorry

Show me mercy

O, enlightend one

And would you forgive the way

Every single day I've could have done better

Now I'm regretting every thing I've said

You're a radiant being aluminating our way

We'd be lost in the dark without you and your glittering gaze

I'm so sorry

Show me mercy

O, enlightened one

Oh won't you forgive me for the mess that I made

For the mess that I made

Cause I keep relieving all the guilt and the shame

Just one new beginning

And I promise I'll change

Cause I can't keep going on

All this pain I caused keeps me away

I'm so sorry

Show me mercy

O' enlightened one

Oh, would you forgive me?

Presto: Well, since you sang that song so nicely. The Great and Powerful Presto has decided to forgive Dusk Shine.

(students cheer; the Rainbooms, both male and female join Dusk Shine)

Dusk Shine: (to Sunset Glare) So you guys aren't going to celebrate with Presto?

Sunset Glare: We may be friends now, but he's a bit much.

(both of the Rainbooms voice their agreements)

Sunset Shimmer: We already get enough of Trixie in our world. Which actually makes what you did for him all the more beautiful, Dusk.

Berry Bubble: In fact, I want to hear that song again!

Pinkie Pie: Me too! (pulls up Record Scratch) Let's rock that remix!

(Record Scratch plays a remix of Dusk Shine's song and everyone dances to it)


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2 comments posted
Background Pony #B532
you're late man, there are some lesbian shipping that already have their gay version with their shipping tag in it (lesbian or not), you can't just make this one unique

Sci-Twi Lover
If it's gay, then the Twixie tag is also not needed.

Seriously, I know the characters are genderswapped, I think Rule 63 ships should be go alone without the normal fandom-canon ship tag.