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Prisoner Twilight is escorted to her cell
safe1727604 artist:queenwildfire2k187 trixie68118 twilight sparkle303175 alicorn228599 pony987830 bound wings3595 chains5030 clothes467407 cuffs4538 frustrated566 horn cap328 jail436 magic suppression3983 prison843 prison outfit1087 prisoner727 prisoner ts93 shackles1851 smiling254426 smirk12731 smug6131 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124936 unamused16495


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@Phantom Rider
After No Second Prances and the beginning of Season 6 finale, I have wanted Twilight to be incarcerated since her and Trixie still have some weird issue. It is not as exciting as seeing Dash in prison, but I really enjoy seeing the princess get chained up too <3

Gotta get those princess wings chained up once in a while…