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safe1708706 artist:jirousan100 apple bloom49631 applejack170103 big macintosh28291 granny smith5352 pony969790 adorabloom2782 apple siblings326 blank flank7590 blushing198012 brother and sister4233 cowboy hat15922 cute200142 eyebrows5070 eyebrows visible through hair2153 eyes closed93768 family4428 female1365208 filly66924 hat87014 horse collar141 jackabetes5989 macabetes524 male373489 mare481753 noogie281 open mouth146296 raised hoof45780 siblings8630 simple background394207 stallion109174 white background98099


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Background Pony #C4D8
Link is dead (account deleted). Same image on a new account:
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Background Pony #404B
Nice to see Mac get some appreciation
though I am getting an incestuous "Big Mac gets all the mares" vibe