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Wanted to see how this sketch of Twilight in socks made by artist:verulence that I found right here on derpibooru would look colored.
questionable111440 artist:raikoh926 artist:verulence207 color edit7714 derpibooru exclusive28729 edit134053 twilight sparkle302844 pony985271 bed41539 bedroom eyes60197 clothes466451 colored19638 dock50798 featureless crotch6974 female1379508 kneesocks1104 looking at you171756 mare489956 on back24630 on bed3614 plot80395 plump7232 simple background400257 smiling253783 socks67347 solo1076744 solo female181291 striped socks21640 thick4500 twibutt5643 underhoof52784 white background100023


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Background Pony #0395
Christ, I love this. I can almost smell her taint sweat from here. *inhales deeply* Ahhhhhhhhhh…
Background Pony #51FD
I had an argument with /mlp/ about this site, they said 90% of its userbase is not cloppers
the fact that this pic got 200+ upvotes mere 8 hours after its uploaded easily proves them wrong

it's time for people to accept that fact that most us are horsefuckers