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Wanted to see how this sketch of Twilight in socks made by artist:verulence that I found right here on derpibooru would look colored.
suggestive172969 artist:grissaecrim1050 artist:verulence208 color edit8463 derpibooru exclusive34763 edit156928 twilight sparkle333010 pony1324185 bed50095 bedroom eyes72596 butt179209 clothes559503 colored22258 dock62000 featureless crotch8072 female1603922 kneesocks1215 looking at you217212 mare618739 on back29637 on bed5862 plot115312 plump8025 simple background501635 smiling331445 socks81903 solo1268717 solo female207634 striped socks25315 thick5469 twibutt7441 underhoof61791 white background130353


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Background Pony #0395
Christ, I love this. I can almost smell her taint sweat from here. *inhales deeply* Ahhhhhhhhhh…
Background Pony #51FD
I had an argument with /mlp/ about this site, they said 90% of its userbase is not cloppers  
the fact that this pic got 200+ upvotes mere 8 hours after its uploaded easily proves them wrong
it’s time for people to accept that fact that most us are horsefuckers