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In Harmony with Human and Pony (Edited)

I wanted to make an edited picture of the previous one. This time had extra characters (Starlight Glimmer, Trixie Lulamoon, Human CMCs, Snips and Snails, and Pipsqueak)

When Princess Celestia visited Sunset Shimmer, her former student was now feeling so horrible about her past and begged for Celestia’s forgiveness and tried to apologise for her spoiled and bad behaviour. Celestia told her that she was so proud of Sunset’s reformed self and for having that chance to start over.

Celestia wanted to give her a most precious gift, a choice. That she can return to Equestria with her, or she could stay behind and create more of the magic of friendship, but now Sunset had a better idea. Which is having both the human world and Equestria combined together with Canterlot High School and Crystal Prep now in Equestria and all of the ponies, the humans, including all of the pony and human counterparts living together in perfect harmony.

Sunset Shimmer: Now we can all be together.

We’re feeling better now, we sing together now, both human and pony.
safe (1425483)artist:conthauberger (73)angel bunny (8633)apple bloom (43508)applejack (147406)big macintosh (25183)cheerilee (8799)cranky doodle donkey (815)diamond tiara (9040)discord (26621)filthy rich (1015)flash sentry (10936)fluttershy (183675)granny smith (4604)gummy (4585)indigo zap (2141)lemon zest (2852)matilda (389)night light (1722)opalescence (1875)owlowiscious (1817)pinkie pie (188579)pipsqueak (2561)princess cadance (28052)princess celestia (83439)princess luna (87836)rainbow dash (203382)rarity (157181)sci-twi (18724)scootaloo (46449)shining armor (20047)silver spoon (5813)snails (4896)snips (3736)sour sweet (2792)spike (68180)spike the regular dog (2237)spoiled rich (855)starlight glimmer (37838)sugarcoat (2740)sunny flare (2340)sunset shimmer (50502)sweetie belle (43758)tank (2443)trixie (55932)twilight sparkle (259643)twilight velvet (3403)winona (2229)alicorn (162612)dog (7396)earth pony (147376)human (130462)pegasus (187056)pony (688135)unicorn (202100)equestria girls (159189)absurd res (61247)alumnus shining armor (199)clothes (354585)crystal prep academy uniform (2828)crystal prep shadowbolts (1233)cutie mark crusaders (16217)dean cadance (866)humane five (2145)humane seven (1683)humane six (2058)human ponidox (2948)mane six (26309)principal celestia (2844)school uniform (5978)self ponidox (6196)shadow five (544)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (101557)vice principal luna (2006)wall of tags (1767)


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Background Pony #4BFD
this is really cool almost everyone is here. but you can’t put other characters that aren’t have counterparts of each other.cranky, matilda, velvet, night light, granny smith, spoiled rich, filthy rich. put counterparts, that are each other. shouldn’t put human counterpart with pony counterpart mrs. cheerilee pony, human, granny smith pony human, filthy rich pony human, lyra heartstrings human, pony, trixie luamoon human, pony, big mac human, pony, etc. almost good picture art. i like both my little pony , and my little pony equestria girl. is it truth that equestria girl sunset shimmer goes back to equestria in forgotten friendship in feburary that her 6 friends don’t want her to stay with her in canterlot high anymore on youtube last night on friday x box 1, and nintento ds system. i can’t wait to see what happens to watch it. am big fan of my little pony friendship is magic, fan of my little pony equestria girls, and a big fans of sunset shimmer, sci twilight sparkle, starlight glimmer, rarity, fluttershy, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, applejack, princess twilight sparkle, rarity, applejack, fluttershy, rainbow dash, pinkie pie, sunset shimmer, starlight glimmer, etc. luis angel rivera jr. ninjaboom120. i can’t wait to also see my little pony the movie, and see season 8 of my little pony friendship is magic awesome. love, peace, harmony, give thanks to jesus christ god’s son, and father god amen.
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Spike: I feel the music playing
It’s trotting and it’s swaying.
Life is a rhapsody.

Today we’re so delighted
Today we are united
Both Human and Pony.
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RushCars24's avatar
Sci-Twi Lover
Due to same source, should we merge? Of course, add the artist’s tag so we can identified who makes this.

Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks → Rainbow Rocks is the OFFICIAL tag in this site, so not required for an another alias.

And, I see more characters right here, tag them as well, such as Shadow Five, Twilight Velvet and Night Light, Spoiler Rich and Filthy Rich, etc. Read this if you don’t get it, if you’re already get it but still don’t, read it again.
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Princess Trixie vi Equestria
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FleetDash #1 Supporter
I have no issue what so ever with Sunset coming back to Equestria as a pony but "My little human" part of the franchise has always been the one thing I dislike in MLP, I’m in it for the ponies not more humans if I wanted to see more humans I can just go watch other stuff.
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Background Pony #A6CF
Starlight was handling the camera, and Trixie was keeping Flurry busy.

The real story is going on outside, with several ponies meeting their human counterparts and the ensuing confusion.

Except for Lyra. She’s grinning from ear to ear.
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Background Pony #C998
No room, by Pinkie? Or replace Diamond’s mom & dad, them being there seems out of place here. So do Cranky & Matilda.
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