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Day 28 — Pinkie Pie

I had finished coloring this in when I realized it looked kinda bland flat, so I tried my hand at shading again, this time with a brush that wasn't a complete pain in the butt to use. I will try to make shaded/more detailed artwork more often as I do this "challenge."

Would you dare eat this pie? I wouldn't, it's just too damn cute.
safe1725100 artist:phat_guy175 derpibooru exclusive28731 pinkie pie218017 earth pony255869 pony985414 :p9129 crumbs267 cute202611 diapinkes10149 female1379654 food71370 literal402 mare490027 peeking681 pie3327 pinkie being pinkie1304 pinkie pie (form)18 plate1738 ponies in food293 pun7595 silly7487 simple background400315 smiling253847 solo1076832 tongue out105850 transparent background205131 visual pun1703


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By far your most popular piece, @phat_guy!
Not even your few explicit pieces reach that score.
There's still hope within this fandom. :p

And as noone posted the clip so far:

That would be an eggsellent kek, err… I mean Pie.
Now make an apple pie out of it (by adding Applejack), is the same family anyways, right?
A pink coloured apple pie.

Also reminds me of:
which reminds me of: