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Local strip of bacon too hot to touch, sources say you should be able to touch in a few minutes.

“You’re gonna just reach out and grab the bacon anyway, aren’t you?” Asks eye witness on the scene.

New Meme: Girls (or boys!) being sexy as fuck and saying encouraging and positive things to the viewer in the process.

Tag it #Pussytivity.
suggestive141143 alternate version44157 artist:lil miss jay2486 sunset shimmer62380 equestria girls198344 big breasts80768 body writing2062 breasts274202 busty sunset shimmer5375 cleavage34227 clothes454181 dialogue64604 female1349419 fingerless gloves4554 fishnets5256 gloves19701 imminent sex6889 jacket12340 looking at you165927 positive ponies497 pussytivity55 smiling244038 solo1054055 solo female178191 stockings32241 thigh highs35665 undressing5129 unzipping148


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This is actually already a thing, most commonly on 4chan's /trash/ forum, though I've seen it in other places too. The acronym they tend to use is JOE, though I won't spell it out so as not to get too explicit.

Pussytivity does have a certain ring to it though.
Violet Rose
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Love the concept, like, doubleplus love 'cause just "love" is too weak! I'd probably have called it "motivational pinup", but pussytivity is a lot more amusing~ xD
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Oh… my.

Not that I don't appreciate your boobs, but, uh… I think you're telling me just fine. With the words… written… on your boobs.

Maybe you can save… those… for a special occasion.
Lil Miss Jay
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I gave it to them in private to upload before I put it on Tumblr cause they were pretty bummed about a BG pony getting the original upload.

Everyone quit bein' all fighty!