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safe1901318 artist:andypriceart3238 applejack183703 dj pon-330998 fluttershy231682 pinkie pie233157 rainbow dash253400 rarity198044 twilight sparkle324824 vinyl scratch30998 idw17124 the return of queen chrysalis271 spoiler:comic11661 spoiler:comic0142 advertisement10190 comic119885 disguise5896 disguised changeling3356 hiding1604 idw advertisement583 invasion of the body snatchers18 issue 115 mane six34482 official comic2494 pointing4689 preview2112 running6775 screaming4040


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An edgy 8th grader
is there a “zombie Apocalypse tag but its not about zombies, in-show it was to avoid that +?? rating but here kt is… same reason i quess” tag?
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Young Leosword
What’s the fan-name for a love-drained pony? ‘Cause calling them nothing for half a year is sort of weird… Well, Time Turner didn’t have no name until a yonk after FiM premiered, so whatever. :T