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I liked the animatic so much I commissioned Khuzang to draw it. I let him decide on the colors; the leaked animated storyboard didn't have any. I'm not sure what to tag as far as leaked spoilers for an EqG short—so I hope I picked the right ones.

Feel free to add/subtract any tags; I'm new to this.
safe1677508 artist:khuzang300 trixie66405 equestria girls196373 equestria girls series32173 street magic with trixie239 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)13747 animatic414 blue background4911 clothes449224 commission65446 cute195494 diatrixes3066 female1337242 hat84462 high heels10799 leggings1994 pleated skirt4038 pony history222 shoes35164 simple background383928 skirt38853 socks64752 solo1044486 stockings31818 storyboard158 street magic4 thigh highs35007 top hat4101


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@Evil Emperor Proteus
IIRC both human and pony Trixie are occasionally shown pulling off something Pinkie Pie-level. Like when Human Trixie pulled Angel out of her hat in that one mall song (something something vibe?), or the stuff the pony version did in the s6 finale. I feel like it shows her as a magician in need of training and improvement, but with obvious potential.