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explicit388809 artist:n0nnny595 sweetie belle51498 anthro292100 afterglow1760 aftersex10340 bed46234 breasts315093 busty sweetie belle2355 cum87492 cum on back189 cum on body2939 cutie mark51695 dialogue73564 face down ass up9628 female1499673 from behind15132 glazed dick3408 good girl555 horsecock79194 male422291 male pov8100 medial ring7858 nudity418975 offscreen character39609 older30280 on bed4774 penis173308 pov15738 rear view15378 rearboob1122 speech3237 straight149930 text68306 the cmc's cutie marks4832 vein6809 veiny cock5242


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@Seabridge Drive  
No problem.. :) I am not here to pick a fight, or start an argue. There is some things that is not under “rules” here, and other things that could have been explained better. It is better to ask before I do some mistakes.
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shhhhh, I'm not here
If you are talking about pictures from image packs, they are not allowed to uploaded until they are made public on other sites (mostly tumblr).
also, sorry for being an ass earlier; had no idea you were a recently very new user here

Atlast a deasent answer. Thank you. :) I am not new on the internet, but there is a language barrier here, since English is not my native language. I am new on Derpibooru.
Does the same aplies to videos as well? What about music? It is no secret that youtube removes some music and videos. That is why I asked if the same rule goes for pictures here as well. :) Some of the pictures is from payed sites. What about those?
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Downvote Addict
Wow you really are new. Not just to Derpi, but the net it seems. First, welcome! Second, it is 100% legal to upload people’s art here with no permission. That’s how Boorus are. They always credit and link back to the original artist. It’s just a better way to organise and store an image. And could also be seen as a safety backup incase any of the major art sites crash, or your account gets hacked.
Tumblr is just another place people post art, like Deviant Art and so on. Only it’s not an art focused site, so much as it focuses on… drama and garbage. Just ranting posts usually. I wouldn’t bother visiting.
We are very respectful towards artists here though, don’t think we aren’t. If they want their art removed or no longer uploaded, they only need to ask a moderator and it gets done.