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“I go on tour for a year, and when I get back you have two kids?” Trixie gasped, looking at the small bundles of joy Starlight cradled in her arms. “How old are they?”
“Three weeks,” Starlight answered, grinning fondly at Trixie. “Remember that stallion I accidentally summoned from another dimension? Scherzo Lesto?”
Trixie’s face paled. “Tell me you didn’t~~”
“I did,” Starlight admitted, blushing. “At the going away party. And a few weeks later, after you left, I found out.”
“That’s quite a story,” Trixie replied, smirking. “Can’t wait ‘till they’re grown and you can explain it to them.”
Starlight chuckled nervously. “True. Twilight and the girls have been a huge help the past few weeks, and the twins are pretty calm, actually.”
“Well do they have names?” Trixie asked impatiently. “Trixie Junior, perhaps?”
“This one is named Starburst.” Starlight held up the small blue filyl in her arms. “And this one” -Trixie shifted her hindlegs so the second foal turned to face Trixie~~ “is Bubblegum Explosion.
“Trixie deems those names acceptable,” Trixie said, slipping back into third-person. “Can I hold one?” She sat down next to Starlight.
“Here!” Starlight passed Starburst to Trixie.
“Burp,” Starburst gurgled.
“I think she likes me,” Trixie giggled.
There’s a lot of interdimensional relationships in this Next Gen. And by that, I mean two. Anyways, the twins don’t have a father, and eventually Trixie will become their second mother, but not for a few months at least. She still needs to work stuff out with Starlight.
My Little Pony, Starlight Glimmer, and Trixie Lulamoon belong to Hasbro


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