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Now that we have seen her new outfit for 3 months in action.  
What are your thoughts and preferences still?
Side note: Rebecca Dart (Art director) stated in the audio commentary of Friendship Games, they desaturated her hair color to soften her up now that she’s redeemed.
safe1878372 artist:givralix106 artist:sugar-loop348 sunset shimmer69385 equestria girls223838 equestria girls series37438 friendship games13663 boots26305 clothes524604 comparison4983 crossed arms6287 cute222737 female1516168 geode of empathy3517 hand on hip9488 high heel boots6716 jacket14998 leaning4166 leather jacket4320 looking at you199127 peace sign3637 shimmerbetes4704 shoes45316 simple background462999 skirt45273 smiling302317 solo1194963 transparent background232746 vector81727


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I never liked the second outfit at all, but the first and latest are both great.
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Like I said in another picture, my favourite one is Sunset’s design in the digital series! Nothing against the other ones, but the digital series one doesn’t have weird-shaped boots (like the first one) and isn’t oddly proportioned (like the second one).
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I’m not picky when it comes to EqG outfits, especially for Sunset. I think she has always looked great. I particularly like a || leaked future outfit of hers.|| It’s pretty cute.
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One thing I didn’t like about the second design was how it didn’t have her cutie mark anywhere on it.