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Trixie #39. getting into the game. Nothing stokes the ol’ ego like orchestrating an Ogres & Oubliettes campaign. Roll for initiative!

I’m gonna try and keep drawing objects in perspective with Trixie until they look better. I like how her expression turned out, but her back left leg looks a bit limp, and her DM screen is tiny. I guess she got the mini edition?

Bonus fact: Wizards of the Coast owns the Dungeons & Dragons IP, and Hasbro is their parent company. Small world!
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:D, Dungeons and dragons Trixie, wish I would have been first, though I do have Trixie character, named Beatrix, but I haven’t drawn her yet, damn. Congrulations on being first, maybe. Good picture, though, I have never been able to draw a pony, only human
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