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“How can we make Sunset Shimmer more perfect?”
“Give her a swimsuit that makes her look like a belly dancer.”
“Someone promote this man!”

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safe1708047 artist:marik azemus34365 sunset shimmer63102 equestria girls200701 equestria girls series33049 forgotten friendship5376 abstract background14713 alternate hairstyle28125 armpits42951 belly button78009 bikini18152 bikini top1752 bracelet9438 braid5829 breasts278047 clothes460204 cute200049 female1364617 hair up63 jewelry63837 midriff19337 open mouth146170 ring3277 sarong1032 shimmerbetes4392 smiling248925 solo1065311 summer sunset225 swimsuit28305


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Forest of Sin
Be it for grown men that beat it to anime girls in swimsuits, women who get a lady boner for girls on a beach, or women who want to be penetrated by a one-eye purple tentacle monster, the idea and intent is the same.
Artist -

And we're assuming that men are the only intended audience as opposed to, say, people in general who like girls in skimpy swimsuits and tentacle hentai? See, I think it's important to define these works by the subject of appeal moreso than an assumed attribute of the target audience. Sounds less prejudicial that way.

Besides, who says these productions don't appeal to tentacle monsters? Easy scenario for…self-inserts. :P
Artist -

@Konata Izumi Pony
You mean an anime style beach ep where the girls are in sexy outfits and fight a tentacle monster and/or pervy old man to arouse the male audience?

And there are no women ever who would also enjoy seeing girls in sexy outfits fighting tentacle monsters? I won't deny that such would appeal to a lot of femsexual men, but every time I see a comment like this, I see ironic sexism. Straight men aren't the only perverts, you know. There's also bi men, les women, bi women, nonbinary…any of whom could fantasize the same way. And maybe, just maybe, there are straight women who would fantasize about being said girls?

Anyway, sexy Sunset is sexy, and if her actual outfit in the episode is anywhere close to this, I'm kinda impressed the animators were so daring. Might be some truth to that leak about the series made for older fans.
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Alright people, settle. You've all said what you needed to say already. Now please leave the rest of the comments for the image itself.

Thank you.
Konata Izumi Pony
Artist -

What's the point of putting the beach like a scenario if the problem started ruin a Beautiful moment? That doesn't make Any sense.

That could be better if the fandom wrote it. Could happened in CHS but noooooo, they ruined an awesome moment between friends. Stupid idiots.