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safe1679374 artist:clockworkquartet204 granny smith5284 earth pony238752 pony941764 abstract background14117 adorasmith96 apple15920 apple pie280 bedroom eyes58113 braid5615 braided tail1125 cute195752 eyelashes9410 female1338744 filly64923 food68393 heart47227 heart eyes15871 hood1279 hoof hold8136 jam192 jar1028 pie3245 smiling241027 solo1045508 swirly eyes2379 wingding eyes21639 young granny smith672 younger17023 zap apple418 zap apple jam102 zap apple pie5


not provided yet


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Background Pony #61B1
Ugly and inconsistent hooves
Malformed back legs
Bad line work

What the fuck is going on with the randomly colored rectangle overlay over the character?
Honestly it looks completely shit.

Why is this 4 year old image featured? There must be some more worthy picture.