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A coloured version of >>1603625
Octavia: Wait, what does it say again? … Viynl Record Scratch! I thought I told you to start your diet 3 weeks ago! But no, your old greedy self told you “No way! Let’s make this big pile of fat bigger.” I’m very disappointed in you!
Vinyl: Pfft. Look who’s talking. You don’t look any thinner yourself.
Octavia: Oi! There’s a good reason why I am this size! It’s becaus-
Vinyl: It’s because you wanna get loads of fans on the internet, isn’t it?
Octavia: (sigh) Yes.
suggestive151555 artist:solitaryscribbles59 color edit7869 edit139396 dj pon-329942 octavia melody24450 vinyl scratch29941 equestria girls211700 armpits43668 ass53032 bbw4504 belly30441 belly button83518 belly lift24 big belly12678 big breasts88953 blushing209851 bra16869 breasts296769 busty octavia melody2580 busty vinyl scratch2727 butt92340 chubby cheeks4122 cleavage36405 clothes488591 colored20156 dj boot-392 double chin2034 embarrassed11965 fat23172 fatavia191 female1433621 huge belly4351 huge breasts41483 huge butt10731 large butt18992 morbidly obese8323 obese12195 panties52281 scales1264 ssbbw1804 thunder thighs9521 underwear63692 vinyl ass600 vinyl fat249 weight gain4559 weight woe19 wide hips19084


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