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safe1973289 artist:silfoe1569 princess luna109317 twilight sparkle333137 alicorn274769 pony1325360 unicorn447272 fanfic:twilight good night2 absurd resolution71609 duo118413 eyes closed120929 fanfic10998 fanfic art16887 female1605085 floppy ears64604 kiss on the lips4311 kissing28916 lesbian108587 making out806 mare619300 night32907 romantic1945 shipping229959 smiling331766 stars19936 twiluna1631 underhoof61838 unicorn twilight26337


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Background Pony #379E
What shipping roulette? The only two are an established TwiLuna and a budding Rarilestia…  
And both of these are thought out quite well…
What plot holes? It was never meant to be one unified story, but more like a series of highlights from the life’s of royals, depicted in-universe by Luna. Hence the title “The Royal Sketchbook”.
Fake or not, this image is based on Carapace’s story and he described it like this.

Don't drink and comment
Hey! I just checked up the whole royal Sketchbook and got inspired to start my own clopfiction using that tumblr universe. Luckly I will be able to fill all the plot holes of the series because all this shipping looks was made with a MLP character roulette. By the way that Twiluna kiss looks fake without tongue.  
@Background Pony #56AF  
Way to go weirdo.  
I can put your ship in my brand new fiction! Text me.  
@Background Pony #CF3E  
No they don´t have pot because it´s a politically corret site man!  
I don´t like stories like this, with Twilight much more fragile and insecure.  
@Background Pony #B0D5  
Yo, just paste some wings on in Paint or Photoshop.
Background Pony #A30B
@Background Pony #AF13  
She says that I should stop sleeping on daytime to rock the whole night playing Destiny with my stuffed waifu, to quit my lucid dreaming lessons and to stop kissing luna’s figurines. But she knows nothing I only go to those meetings to keep my family quiet. Nightmare Moon for G5! Bye.

I can’t tell whether you’re complimenting Silfoe or making fun of this ship…
Nop just a Novosphinx enthusiast over here. I love Silfoes work and hope to use some Royal sketchbook quotes to get an special somepony on valentine’s day.

For the next royal couple I suggest Queen Novo falling in love with the Sphinx, yes! the sphinx! sounds hard but Silfoe can make it work. Just imagine: a forbidden love between a giant pony cat who hates water and a fishy queen who can´t live without that sweet kitty (and the sphinx doesn’t care if is hippo-novo or fishy-novo both taste funny ).