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Practice drawing born out of discarded commission sketch. I've decided to rework it and this is the final result. It's not perfect, but I'm happy how it came out.

Finalized version >>1631820 (you are here)
Fausticorn version >>1630776
Celestia's sprite >>1630777
Luna's sprite >>1630780
safe1704103 artist:dsp2003761 princess celestia94927 princess luna99042 oc683214 oc:fausticorn1537 alicorn224039 pony965381 alicorn oc26499 belly button77716 eyes closed93264 female1360940 jewelry63410 mare479439 moon23412 mother and daughter5903 necklace18720 open mouth145347 regalia19866 shooting star968 space5055 stars15561 sun6672 tangible heavenly object1338 updated439


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