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I asked Instagram which family I should do next and they answered with Luna So here it is! Sorry for the really bad quality, for better quality check out my instagram @/clairecrest It was very awkward positioning everyone in this one because of the huge freakin noodle.

Anyways, on the left we have Luna’s son. His name is Atlas after a moon orbiting Saturn. He was born as a backup just in case libra (top right) wasn’t able to take the throne after she left. No one knows who his father is and Luna made sure of that. Other than that, he’s a pretty good spell caster.

On the bottom right we have Luna’s head canon design. I did forget her butt marking and cutiemark. I gave her more jewellery to signal that she’s royalty.

And lastly, we have libra. The noodle on the top right. She was Luna’s first born and daughter of discord. No Luna and discord are not a couple in this AU. Libra came about when Luna needed a heir to her throne and decided to ask discord for help. Unlike her parents libra is shy and tends to have a lot of anxiety.

Atlas’ base is by Luna’s base is by Libra’s base was a mixture of screenshots from the original show.
safe1656953 artist:aquadove5 princess luna97243 oc654152 oc:atlas97 oc:libra31 classical unicorn3918 draconequus10525 hybrid17400 unicorn303198 alternate design2511 cloven hooves9550 colt14307 draconequus oc1212 ethereal mane7403 female1320166 half-siblings586 interspecies offspring6802 leonine tail7948 male356692 offspring36866 parent:discord3063 parent:princess luna2146 parent:unnamed oc367 parents:canon x oc1666 parents:lunacord173 simple background377059 starry mane3808 transparent background195122 unshorn fetlocks23562


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