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hey guys, it’s been a while. just showing off some progress I’ve been making in blender.

suggestive185554 artist:telehypnotic353 fluttershy252162 anthro346363 plantigrade anthro48395 g41934198 3d117444 barefoot34442 bathtub2294 big breasts120117 blender13383 breasts376530 busty fluttershy23012 claw foot bathtub374 erect nipples16077 feet52749 female1745925 naked towel496 nipple outline10750 pointy boobs14 solo1383102 solo female225463 strategically covered3503 towel4764


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Not that bad, actually. >>1623003 If you turn the samples up, use the random seed add-on, and the new 2.79 denoiser you can get pretty good results. Also it helps to have fairly bright lighting, and tone it down with filmic exposure settings if needed.
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One thing I hate about Blender is the eternal grain. I can’t get rid of it, even if I go up with the resolution. Sure, I could use Photoshop to fix the image, but how would an animation look? Horrid, I assume.