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Name: Sea Fair
Age: 17
Race: Pegasus, has some Unicorn traits
Physical Gender: Male
Gender Identity: Male

Coat Color: pale grey/blue
Eye Color: dark green
Mane Color: dark blue with streaks of bright blue, white and darker blue
Talent: Being a Life Guard
Cutie Mark: a life saver

Birthplace: Ponyville
Current Residence: Ponyville
Title: 2nd Prince of House Sparkle, Heir of Loyalty

Mother: Twilight Sparkle
Father: Soarin
Siblings: Velvet Dancer, Sinbad (half brother)

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Romantic Orientation: Homoromantic

Sea Fair is the oldest son of Twilight and Soarin, and the second son of Twilight. Sea Fair is a confident and extroverted young stallion who strives to be a pony that others can depend on. He wants nothing more than to live up to his title as prince, and does whatever he can to have respect from others.


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