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Christmas gift sketches for plush buddies, last one for me.
Plush pics used as references for sketch commissions.
1. NeysaNight / Phoenixperegrine
2. Store bought? / Phoenixperegrine
3. Store bought? / Phoenixperegrine
4. AkiaCreations / Phoenixperegrine
5. QTpony / Phoenixperegrine
6. Mylittlewaifus / Phoenixperegrine
7. QTpony / Phoenixperegrine
8. EpicRainbowCrafts / Anonhatter
9. Blackwater627 & Top Plush / Anonhatter
10. NeysaNight / Manta
safe1578738 artist:akiacreations28 artist:blackwater62778 artist:epicrainbowcrafts289 artist:hattsy462 artist:manta2 artist:mylittlewaifu17 artist:neysanight122 artist:onlyfactory305 artist:phoenixperegrine318 artist:qtpony154 artist:top plush22 fluttershy198188 minuette5368 nurse redheart3269 princess luna94087 queen chrysalis32356 rainbow dash219765 soarin'13339 twilight sparkle283163 alicorn195879 earth pony200104 goat1016 human142397 pegasus240676 pony848203 unicorn267403 aurora100 bedroom eyes51683 black and white12118 blushing176277 bomb571 boop6866 bootleg1363 chibi13172 clothes410184 female901828 food61045 grayscale36265 grin33080 hat76799 holding a pony2561 hug25530 irl62626 irl human24370 licking18042 lying down9530 menu202 miata9 monochrome148049 outdoors7588 pajamas2971 photo70747 pillow15488 pizza1711 plushie21897 queen umbra971 restaurant634 rule 6325260 sketch58977 smiling215792 socks56926 sombra eyes3007 tongue out90806 weapon27279


not provided yet


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Background Pony #A23E
OP, can you put some sort of guide as to who did what in the pic? I have no idea who drew what, and unless someone has been following plushmakers for a long while, I definitely don't think anyone's gonna know who did what plush either.
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Look, a distraction!
Not sure which came first but I assume the sketches were done afterwards, and they're pretty neat.