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safe2155375 artist:digitaldasherbot33 philomena1200 princess celestia111880 twilight sparkle354854 phoenix2052 a canterlot wedding3648 g42008173 aftermath388 clothes626030 comic134195 cracked192 crown29447 dress61043 duo164704 feels1679 guilty204 jewelry110831 marriage1853 regalia35763 wedding1939


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Background Pony #5C9D
Part of me thinks everyone arguing about season 4 and Princess Twilight ought to read (or re-read) this comic.
Then the realistic part of me realizes that the comment section would devolve into bickering over Twilicorn.
Background Pony #05ED
What makes even more sense about the speeches in this comic is how Twilight had to let Spike be the one to bring the Crystal Heart closer to it’s pedastal along with Cadence instead of her.
Background Pony #BC78
What’s this talk about her still controlling one of the six elements? Is she talking about magic? Because that kinda doesn’t make sense, what with unicorns/alicorns having magic to begin with. And I didn’t see her wearing the element of magic (and no her crown does not count).
Besides that it’s an interesting comic.

Ah, the curse of modern youth - too much text, not enough explosions. They should take a page from HoMM 5’s book and have them throw fireballs and glow with holy light at random during the conversation.
Lord Griffin

Agreed. The concept is very well thought out, and I really like to see the “human” side of Celestia. However, I ended up skimming the last half of the comic. The lesson was good, but the text was dull, and there wasn’t anything interesting to look at. The last 6 or so panels might as well have just been a block of text on an empty background. Still, I WOULD like to see the show explore Celestia’s inner self a bit, too.
Background Pony #654D
Eh… I’d like to say this is beautiful and heartwarming and a wonderful exploration of their characters… but there’s just way too much text. And the images aren’t too interesting either, just them standing around while they take turns monologuing. I’d call this a good try, but the execution weakens it.
Pinkie Clone
Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends

I just got no words for this.  
No jokes.  
No RP.
This deserves the top shelf of the Celestia comics. This isn’t Molestia, or Trollestia, neither of the alternate lestias.
This is real Celestia in a real angsty, and I’m honestly touched.  
Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.
James Rye
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Wow, that…that was great. Really great. I especially liked how the student had to remind the teacher of her own lessons which was believeable as Celestia has to burden not only a thousand years of success but also failures. I really liked Celestia´s speech of doubt and guilt as well as Twi´s huge speech about why Celestia in the pony they need, they WANT, to be in charge of Equestria. <3