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Tag Changes for image #1625513

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full body (1343)Added Alkor
yellow hair (148)Removed Zharkaer
red hair (472)Removed Zharkaer
multicolored hair (2928)Removed Zharkaer
makeup (12165)Removed Zharkaer
long hair (2440)Removed Zharkaer
eyeshadow (8987)Removed Zharkaer
eyelashes (2827)Removed Zharkaer
black bunny (0)Removed Zharkaer
starlight glimmer (34556)Removed EotD
glimmerbetes (2656)Removed Pilot Solaris
shimmerbetes (3034)Added Pilot Solaris
starlight glimmer (34556)Added Pilot Solaris
cute (132720)Added Pilot Solaris
glimmerbetes (2656)Added Pilot Solaris
adorasexy (6682)Added Pilot Solaris
raised eyebrow (4815)Added Derp#God
black bunny (0)Added ScootadashXI
makeup (12165)Added Background Pony #3997
bunny ears (2588)Added Background Pony #3997