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A bunch of facial expression practice things I did a few nights ago. Was nice to draw Tavi again, it’s been too long since I drew her.
suggestive148613 artist:drizziedoodles410 octavia melody24244 earth pony267739 pony1014745 afterglow1694 aftersex9695 ahegao25733 an egg being attacked by sperm2114 bedroom eyes61550 blushing205238 bust52874 crying44939 drool25785 egg cell2029 emoji927 eyes on the prize5581 female1405553 floppy ears54760 gritted teeth13320 heart50203 heart eyes17572 hoof on chin571 implied anal582 implied sex6210 impregnation3151 lewd774 lewd emotions51 lidded eyes31905 lip bite12066 mare504000 nervous5897 offscreen sex134 open mouth155318 orgasm12309 painal416 right hole17 shocked7273 simple background410513 smiling262445 softcore2327 solo1097193 solo female184003 spermatozoon2044 suggestive as fuck6 tears of joy2647 tears of pleasure856 teary eyes4453 tongue out108632 trademark55 underhoof53919 white background102869 wide eyes17434 wingding eyes23546 wrong hole120 🅱69


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My headcannon is she had 2 lovers in her bed that night, the first guy in her pussy and the second in her booty. Makes more sense.
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Back on my shid :DDD
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It started off being used mostly on black twitter ironically to represent the Bloods, but the meme has mutated so much that it’s hard to really come up with criteria for usage. At this point I’m pretty sure it’s just shit🅱osting