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Anyone remember me? I finished this sketch from Nov 2016. This week I was in a good mood for some reason. Let’s see how long the reboot lasts this time. I have some other sketches I’d like to finish. This picture involved a lot of relearning certain techniques.
Also, now introducing tail bondage. Is it a new fad? Does it make logical sense? The answer is no.
Came in mouth edition >>1624591  
Avoiding the burnt out whore look >>1624592
suggestive173393 artist:ponypeon263 fluttershy238589 rainbow dash259782 pegasus408360 pony1327484 angry32708 bondage41071 bound together759 collar41591 colored pupils11856 crying50536 cuffs5746 dashsub836 female1606672 femsub12905 fluttersub524 glare8703 imminent rape1813 imminent sex9080 leash9476 lesbian108699 linked collars196 makeup31133 mascara760 open mouth198430 running makeup2521 sad28530 scared12650 sex slave1187 slave3323 slavery523 submissive21205 tail66928 tail wrap7660 tongue out128989


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Background Pony #82E7
Just imagine how the perspective looking at them from the rear would look.
That would also make a great view.
Background Pony #53A9
There was a couple times since your last thing where I wondered if you were gone for good. You drew me a thing once, how could I forget’cha.
Background Pony #A951
I almost missed it because I’m a pussy and I have grimdark filtered, but I’m happy to see you back, senpai.