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behold the incredibly random comic… no really, i was just watching a bunch of mlp comic dubs on youtube and thought of this idea. it's been awhile since i made something mlp related that isn't something dark and or an OC request… i wanted to make something fun and cute that made me laugh

i have this weird headcannon that cherry berry and berry punch are sisters, i mean, they look similar, they have similar names, how can they not be related?

you know, i'm suprised cherry berry doesn't get as much love in the fandom then berry punch
safe1724968 artist:puppyhowler7 berry punch6610 berryshine6610 cherry berry2177 earth pony255817 pony985308 ...2333 background pony10311 comic110090 dialogue66426 duo62689 duo female11390 female1379525 i need a drink2 i need a freaking drink6 mare489965 pun7595 stick693 visual pun1703


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