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safe1708725 artist:lumo379 trixie67563 twilight sparkle300613 oc686009 oc:electric spark291 anthro260648 comic:lumo's pony academy152 academy39 antisocial twilight2 bookmark232 brooch358 castle2030 cloak4298 clothes460434 comic109202 dialogue65633 finger gun226 finger guns104 goggles14077 hat87015 plaid415 pleated skirt4059 pony academy (chapter 2)24 reading6277 school uniform7250 short skirt380 skirt39838 smiling249145 socks66462 stockings32809 thigh highs36411 thighs13721 vulgar20751 witch hat3030 zettai ryouiki1874


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Background Pony #BC7D
Last time I checked this was done a few years ago as the latest one I saw was Fluttershy having an orgy with wolves, the only bit I hated on that one was giving Fluttershy a spare tyre as she doesn’t seem the type to let her body go like that. I’m still waiting to see what Rarity will look like and how she and Fluttershy will either get steamy with each other or when they finally meet Twilight Sparkle, maybe there can be a point where all six meet up and then something inside Twilight Sparkle which makes them all horny to the point they all have sex together and at the end maybe we can have Sunset Shimmer walk in on them and somehow Twilight Sparkle “makes” her good if you get the idea.