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dead source25102 questionable111789 artist:reiduran1309 fluttershy217152 pegasus308827 pony1009678 asking for it298 bedroom eyes61329 blushing204489 bust52512 choker12906 chokershy286 dialogue67921 ear fluff31152 explicit text70 eyeshadow16549 female1401079 imminent blowjob627 imminent oral918 imminent sex7365 jewelry68121 looking at you175512 makeup22784 mare501778 meme origin451 propositioning113 simple background408823 sluttershy1089 solo1093794 solo female183616 spread wings57007 stupid sexy fluttershy1115 until the choker breaks283 vulgar21146 white background102420 wings122927


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Background Pony #E8CF
I love how this trend has spread so far beyond the brony fandom, persisting to this day in the form of the "Snap My Choker". It is glorious.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Serand the Warlord
♫ Well this is it now
Everybody get down
This is all I can take
This is how a choker breaks

You take a hit now
You feel it break down
Make you stay wide awake
This is how a choker breaks ♫
Background Pony #C8C3
@Goddess Erosia
Yeah it would be one of the very wierd things if they become canon as a pair, because he can clone himself, change shape of himself and his partner and many other stuff which would technically make every wierd fetish porn of Fluttershy canon
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3

In a world where an innocent Pegasus does everything she can to repress her dark urges….

She has to hide who she truly is, for the sake of living a normal life.

Desperately trying to hold herself back every night.

No one can see her like this.

Her friends don't suspect a thing, until now.

One night. One mare. One choker. No more control.

Now that it's out it can only grow stronger.

No matter how many sacrifices, no matter how many experiments….

No matter how out of character….

She will fight for what she needs, and she won't stop until she's tried everything.

Not until the choker breaks.

Cumming this Spring….

Bloo Bender
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Booty Connaisseur
I just couldnt help myself but to make a response-follow up to that initial picture, though I did choose a silly idea of Rarity 1-upping Floots, since it just seemed to be so appropriate, silly AND lewd!
Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
This turned into a meme since last I was here? Holy shit….
I know a lot of memes have really forced origins but this one is especially forced, honestly. A few of the porn images spawned from this are actually good and a couple of the jokes are amusing, but it's already starting to stagnate with people trying to chip in "for the lulz". I think it's time for this to die, honestly. It doesn't bring anything in that the Sluttershy tag doesn't already do for us.
Background Pony #E8CF
@Background Pony #67B4
……Ok maybe the first three times. But it's gotten old really quick with me.

Well, it hasn’t with me, but it's 100% understandable that it'd get real old real quick with some people, 'cause a lot of memes are the same way to me.

While some of the clear cut communication or set up in the others are eh, I rather like the original for the lack of a situation and the blunt, vulgar, raunciness of it.