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Having Belle take a picture is quite a thing when she's happy with her boyfriend, and quite the cheeky horse too. Perfect time to photo bomb their picture by giving him a good ole lick to the cheek~
edit- there. full body now.
safe1705867 artist:mistydash422 oc684278 oc only448543 oc:angel168 oc:southern belle326 alicorn224341 2018 community collab515 derpibooru community collaboration3808 alicorn oc26553 blushing197557 chest fluff39118 couple5406 cute199712 hug28259 licking20180 simple background393181 tongue out103894 transparent background202229 winghug2899


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i dont see it in the rules stating it has to be full body. says if they're on their hind legs it has to be proportional or if they're on all fours/sitting a certain size, but none of them state full body.