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My entry for Derpibooru 2018 collab

Special thanks to TheAnonShy for helping with sketch.
safe1724996 artist:aureai132 artist:cyanlightning1023 oc696337 oc only455347 oc:cyan lightning207 oc:green lightning18 pegasus299149 pony985338 unicorn331455 2018 community collab514 derpibooru community collaboration3805 .svg available8395 absurd resolution66487 clothes466484 colt15176 cute202601 cyan lightning riding green lightning2 duo62691 female1379560 flower26113 flower in hair7876 flying38722 lidded eyes31202 male379382 mare489984 mother and son3052 ocbetes5455 open mouth149532 ponies riding ponies2475 riding7547 scarf23536 simple background400272 smiling253794 spread wings55623 transparent background205115 vector77255 wings110970


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