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What do you do when you still can't come up with things like the cutie mark or even eye colour of your new OC after, like, 5 weeks? That's right, you just use a pose where you don't need those things! (I really should try to do a proper reference sheet later.) Anyway…

This is Cloudy Bits, a pegasus specialized in developing advanced cloud storage technology.
Most of her research is about making clouds more durable and able to carry more weight, but she dreams about creating easily accessible cloud-based storage solutions for non-pegasi. Earth ponies in particular, with their lack of both natural and magical cloud shaping, barely can use most current cloud storage systems.
One of her latest innovations is the "Dropping Box". Retrieving items from a cloud already works pretty well, but she still can't figure out a way for earth ponies to get items and the box actually (back) into the cloud…

Alternate version without the cloud: >>1617022
safe1690326 artist:yoshimon140 derpibooru exclusive28022 oc674490 oc only442880 oc:cloudy bits16 pegasus285532 pony951940 2018 community collab515 derpibooru community collaboration3807 anvil197 cloud30317 cloud storage7 cute197462 eyes closed91624 female1348223 glasses60947 mare473081 simple background387917 sitting62335 solo1053169 spread wings53803 transparent background200026 wings104033


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Nah, don't worry. That cloud should easily be able to carry at least two anvils. In theory. Maybe. Hmm. She'd better test that…