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artist description:
Sunset Shimmer x Sci twi (My little pony)
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All characters portrayed here are in the age of consent. 18 or older
safe1613941 artist:caoscore217 sci-twi22450 sunset shimmer58835 twilight sparkle288061 equestria girls187252 blushing182290 breasts253747 busty sunset shimmer4923 christmas11986 christmas tree3494 clothes425281 costume25879 cute185979 eyes closed83951 female1284697 hat79408 height difference548 holiday16973 human coloration4756 imminent kissing788 lesbian91770 mistletoe1593 patreon11917 patreon logo8341 santa costume1366 santa hat5410 scitwishimmer2080 shimmerbetes4097 shipping188134 sunsetsparkle4154 tree29124 twiabetes10823 watermark14727


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