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artist description:
Sunset Shimmer x Sci twi (My little pony)
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All characters portrayed here are in the age of consent. 18 or older
safe (1505116) artist:caoscore (186) sci-twi (20345) sunset shimmer (54123) twilight sparkle (272851) equestria girls (170428) blushing (165061) breasts (221246) busty sunset shimmer (4197) christmas (11783) christmas tree (3418) clothes (383245) costume (23571) cute (163636) eyes closed (73973) female (829498) hat (70906) height difference (489) holiday (15147) human coloration (3424) imminent kissing (756) lesbian (87604) mistletoe (1611) patreon (11015) patreon logo (7994) santa costume (1332) santa hat (5362) scitwishimmer (2063) shimmerbetes (3700) shipping (174912) sunsetsparkle (4160) tree (25404) twiabetes (9277) watermark (13725)


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