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An adorable commission done from DankFlank for a cover for a clopfic. Check it out if you want!

Title is: Sunbursts Flurried Heart, not linking for those whom want this to remamin an adorable pic, with nothing more to it :)
suggestive143215 artist:dankflank484 part of a set12133 princess flurry heart7279 sunburst6780 alicorn224898 pony969812 unicorn324373 age difference2575 bedroom10384 blushing198017 commission68644 cuddling8393 cute200158 eye contact6501 fanfic10400 fanfic art14355 fanfic cover1263 female1365237 filly66924 flurryburst17 frog (hoof)13010 glasses62033 implied foalcon1559 looking at each other20287 looking at you169025 looking back57553 lying down17341 male373492 not creepy255 on side6710 open mouth146308 shipping200514 smiling249145 stallion109174 this will end in banishment33 tongue out104177 underhoof52186 unshorn fetlocks25565 wavy mouth3695 wings107799 young1610


not provided yet


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The location of Sunburst's hooves, his blush, and the shape his mouth is in, all suggest something far from innocent that I think anyone looking at this image would immediately pick up on.
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Gas Loving Banana Boy
Hell I didn't even mean for my chinese comment to blow up the comments like that. I was just laughing at the people moral policing other people's fetishes.
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Don't let a few comments wear you down. You provided this website with so many wonderful pics and my nights with so many faps over the last year. You're definitely my favorite porn artist to come out of the fandom in a long time. You deserve so much better than all the shit you get. You're the gift that keeps on giving DankFlank, don't you forget it.
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Turn The Beat Around
I really want something like this to happen with the show. An interaction between Sunburst and Flurry Heart since he was the one who baptized crystallized her. Props to the artist for making this great piece.
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Sorry about this Dankflank.

Everyone else, just so we're clear: I'm getting real tired of seeing the same names appear again and again when it comes to derailing comment threads. Consider this a last warning. I don't like to ban, but you are really pushing my patience.
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We've got the nice things, but it's like trying to maintain an erection when your neighbor is playing NPR at maximum volume through the wall.