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safe1689622 artist:1jaz156 applejack168478 big macintosh28052 starlight glimmer48151 trixie66879 twilight sparkle298375 alicorn221264 pony951283 unicorn316118 american gothic38 bill cipher293 book33096 bookshelf3506 bottle4006 cabin160 chimney285 christmas13993 christmas tree4139 couch8067 cross section24 curtain543 duo focus822 featured image875 female1347550 fireplace2731 full moon3379 gravity falls1341 high res26826 holiday20020 house2229 interior518 lazytown161 light1446 lucky cat6 maneki neko6 mare472754 mein kampf30 moon23189 night25921 open mouth142360 pinecone139 present5931 programming93 prone25210 reading6199 sky13882 smiling243527 snow13722 starry night689 stars15334 tree31764 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122938 we are number one52 when you see it618 window8365 winter4442


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Pony Waifu Inspector
Ed: But I love Christmas, Eddy!
Eddy: It's July!
Edd: Actually, it's the early weeks of Spring. April, to be exact.
Eddy: Hold your horses, sockhead! Do you smell that? Bronies..!
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