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safe1556733 artist:alcor829 fluttershy195891 pegasus232897 pony827869 :o3394 air holes1 alcor is trying to murder us12 box4145 cheek fluff4231 christmas12004 curled up269 cute173470 daaaaaaaaaaaw3042 dock43166 ear fluff22593 eyes closed78529 female880984 folded wings4394 gift horse1 hat74745 hnnng2239 holiday15698 leg fluff2378 mare404979 open mouth120572 pony in a box833 present5302 santa hat5444 shoulder fluff1356 shyabetes11134 side6351 sleeping21359 smiley face797 solo960214 underhoof46038 weapons-grade cute3117 wing fluff1395 zzz2199


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Background Pony #4BA9
I didn't see the comment but why is it that sometimes those who break rule 7 get their post deleted while other times they get it spoiled?
Background Pony #4BA9

As long as you don't shatter her glass dome then you should be fine (if you do, then you die a horrible death when the stuff inside leaks out).