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explicit365096 artist:revertigo53 princess celestia97207 princess luna101270 alicorn235597 earth pony273108 pony1026698 an egg being attacked by sperm2134 bedroom eyes62057 bit gag1283 blank flank7751 bondage35372 breeding1086 bridle3864 cervical contact1056 cervix1752 clitoris28741 creampie32413 cum82397 cumming23583 dock52678 doggy style7981 egg cell2050 eyes closed99681 female1415947 femsub11132 flared3265 floppy ears55340 from behind13986 gag15195 guardlestia223 guardluna152 hobbled134 horsecock72743 impregnation3176 internal cumshot3779 looking back60930 male393070 maledom4756 mare509535 moaning6434 nudity386174 open mouth157565 penetration61917 penis160845 plot83075 raised tail16342 riding crop1876 royal guard8192 royal sisters4658 saddle2198 sex127211 shipping207354 size difference15177 smiling265783 spermatozoon2064 stable291 stallion118116 stirrups161 straight141467 sublestia899 submissive17290 tack4961 tail33097 tail wrap6801 tongue out109697 vaginal41562 vulva133775 vulvar winking12516 x-ray8282


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In times of population crisis, the royal sisters, being almost gods in power, will jumpstart the population by being repeatedly bred by their male subjects. They can use their powers to create ‘random’ but valid DNA sequences for each individual embryo, and there may be up to 5 or 6 present during insemination. This is done to ensure future generations don’t run into inbreeding issues.  
They then gestate supernaturally fast. Giving birth painlessly about 8 hours after conception. Then they are ready to take the next sire the following morning.