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Merry Christmas.
explicit334126 artist:revertigo53 princess celestia92372 princess luna96596 alicorn211390 earth pony224640 pony906399 an egg being attacked by sperm1822 bedroom eyes56279 bit gag1201 blank flank7343 bondage32049 breeding886 bridle3456 cervical contact855 cervix1525 clitoris25599 creampie28713 cum75711 cumming20689 dock46827 doggy style7438 egg cell1737 eyes closed86397 female1306582 femsub10118 flared2914 floppy ears48976 from behind12539 gag13756 guardlestia215 guardluna143 hobbled132 horsecock64401 impregnation2767 internal cumshot3437 looking back53479 male351642 maledom4397 mare450481 moaning5139 nudity351379 open mouth133758 penetration53948 penis145106 plot74574 raised tail14304 riding crop1726 royal guard7274 royal sisters4172 saddle2039 sex114044 shipping191789 size difference13263 smiling230660 spermatozoon1749 stable283 stallion100828 stirrups150 straight130140 sublestia831 submissive15480 tack4254 tail23673 tail wrap6239 tongue out97502 vaginal37020 vulva120532 vulvar winking11104 x-ray7425


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In times of population crisis, the royal sisters, being almost gods in power, will jumpstart the population by being repeatedly bred by their male subjects. They can use their powers to create 'random' but valid DNA sequences for each individual embryo, and there may be up to 5 or 6 present during insemination. This is done to ensure future generations don't run into inbreeding issues.
They then gestate supernaturally fast. Giving birth painlessly about 8 hours after conception. Then they are ready to take the next sire the following morning.