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Don’t drink Horse Nog if you’re not a horse
safe (1427980)artist:tjpones (2642)oc (524638)oc:brownie bun (873)oc only (363557)earth pony (147924)pony (695434)horse wife (673)bells (274)black and white (9662)comic (89404)dialogue (50590)ear fluff (17772)eggnog (87)female (759078)food (51029)grayscale (31231)hoof hold (5924)horse nog (2)lineart (14269)mare (334675)monochrome (134419)onomatopoeia (2184)traditional art (96308)


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I Was Never Here
It’s more just for eggs on their own, but you can do other things with it. Not really sure why you would really want to though, frankly it seems like it would be easier and faster to pan fry your breakfast and still get a better result.
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