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Larger version of Tumblr image.

Clothed >>1611666
In underwear >>1611667
Nude >>1611668
suggestive139725 alternate version43011 artist:king-kakapo1168 princess celestia93883 twilight sparkle296990 horse3202 human151876 pony941398 barefoot26873 beautiful5431 belly button75685 blue hair923 blue mane816 book32887 breasts270231 candle4626 casual nudity6493 chair6626 complete nudity3687 curtains1857 eyelashes9402 feet38818 female1338320 godiva hair266 green mane294 horn62400 humanized98832 indoors2743 levitation11840 light skin4752 long hair4040 long mane3246 looking at you163536 magic71859 moderate dark skin733 multicolored hair5247 multicolored mane1459 nail polish7553 nudist1843 nudist twilight sparkle216 nudity362054 open mouth140449 painting3513 pile of books34 pink hair1180 purple hair722 scroll3345 smiling240938 snow13652 snowfall4439 solo1045244 solo female177009 strategically covered2872 telekinesis27102 toes6130 window8274


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