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Finished the remake.
Adagio: I don’t understand it… Aria went insane after the first ten minutes.
suggestive165471 artist:mad'n evil531 adagio dazzle14365 sonata dusk14757 equestria girls226498 adagio dazzle is not amused40 belly33581 big belly14828 big breasts99950 breasts324870 busty sonata dusk2026 chubby cheeks4573 cleavage39295 colored21403 fat24987 feeding1450 female1539379 food82678 force feeding949 huge belly5729 huge breasts46291 impossibly large belly12473 large belly1269 morbidly obese9007 obese13171 parody16361 ponytail21598 rolls of fat2196 simpsons did it467 sonata donk593 sonataco736 sonatubby91 taco1415 that girl sure loves tacos154 the simpsons1977 thunder thighs11192 unamused19267 weight gain4967


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Everything is Everything
Adagio: “So, Sonata, what kinds of tacos do you prefer? Asada, Barbacoa, Chorizo, or Carnitas?”  
Sonata: “Yes, thank you.”
Background Pony #4F4B
Amigo doesn’t know whether to be impressed, or upset.
Sontana doesn’t care, it’s Taco Tuesday!
Background Pony #52A9
Wasn’t the whole point of the punishment in the original scene that Homer’s nose was blocked so he couldn’t taste all the donuts he was eating?
Background Pony #BC30
Would love to see a sequence of this. Make her fatter by stuffing her with burritos. Then, fajitas.