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It's DeerPoneBot! He's half deer, half pony, and half robot! He loves kids, Christmas, and spreading good cheer, but unfortunately he was manufactured in China :P
safe1705119 artist:badumsquish1964 derpibooru exclusive28364 oc683818 oc only448251 oc:deerponebot2 deer5767 deer pony1184 hybrid18762 original species25122 pony966366 robot7805 robot pony3607 :o3732 angry27192 christmas14030 dark comedy644 dialogue65479 door3968 headless739 holiday20135 house2264 lidded eyes30665 looking at you168394 male372231 modular1160 open mouth145558 red nose378 rudolph the red nosed reindeer175 shoddy workmanship5 solo1063216 talking to viewer2705 two-tone coat115 unamused16208 wires362


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I know, I know. Personally, I find Rudolph 1998 to be the superior of Tundra Productions' two Rudolph film releases. The Island of Misfit Toys issue had been done long ago by Rankin-Bass Productions (who also produced, of all things, the original Thundercats) in Rudolph 1964, and Tundra didn't even hide it — same models as was used in the 1964 TV special, just CGI instead of stop-motion. And they didn't even use their original Rudolph design in TIoMT! By Celestia's beard, if they're going to use a design, they shouldn't just straight-up lift the designs from a film that was at the time 37 years old and slap them into the new film! And worse yet, they gave those designs a CGI facelift! They had a perfectly-working thing going, with Rudolph having bangs, and each of the reindeer having a unique feature that allows someone to tell one deer from the other. In TIoMT, they just make all the deer except two look alike — Comet and the eponymous Rudolph, and again, they just used the design from Rudolph '64. By that, I mean they gave Comet a baseball cap. This is why I regard Rudolph 1998 and not Rudolph II 2001 as the superior film of the two made by Tundra Productions.
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Consentacles and boobs!
Yeah, give me a few moments while my butane iron warms up, till then keep still.


xD Only 2? I have had waaay more than that, including a second degree burn while repairing the molex power socket on an old hard drive.
Background Pony #EF23

@Background Pony #93CC
That's not the only bug or quirk in him though. Like, he was built from leftover parts and has a female face (among other parts), for one thing XD

>(among other parts)
Oh, my. He was quite fine as a him already, you know~
That's part of the charm though!. He just wants to be cute and do a good job, despite his shortcomings and issues. Gotta give him credit for trying!

And if that doesn't work out at first, perhaps working at a haunted house would be better suited for his um…natural abilities
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ᗡ: 📶
Maybe I'm a horrible person for it, but I really laughed at it XD

Wait, WHAT?!

Is that the original one or the remake though? :P

@Background Pony #4B00
He follows ManBearPig rules XD


But it impedes his ability to work :P

@Background Pony #93CC
That's not the only bug or quirk in him though. Like, he was built from leftover parts and has a female face (among other parts), for one thing XD

@Creepa-Bot Inc.
It's a tool that heats up to melt solder and build or repair electronics :P

Background Pony #EF23
>unfortunately he was manufactured in China :P

Nothing a little love and some time in the wife's sewing room cain't fix. Some quality solder, shrinktube, superglue and a few loving hours of cursing later, he should be good to go. As long as you don't shake it too hard of course