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Commission for @resi90
Chyrssie is takin her role as cupid seriously :)
suggestive167546 artist:braffy380 queen chrysalis38351 shining armor25421 anthro304676 unguligrade anthro56444 idw17371 bbw4901 bed48359 bedroom eyes69992 belly34107 belly bed3348 big breasts101847 blushing231105 breasts329569 busty queen chrysalis4397 chubby14921 chubby cheeks4645 cleavage39672 cupid243 extra thicc1156 fat25247 female1555379 huge breasts47134 infidelity8094 lovey dovey7 male442089 mirror universe1127 morbidly obese9098 obese13294 on bed5414 pink dress203 queen chrysalard330 reversalis270 shining chrysalis539 shipping224803 size difference17418 ssbbw1973 straight155196 thunder thighs11484 wide hips22968


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Could just be bedroom foreplay. She normally doesn’t need props to enthrall people.
Also, if its Alternate Shining, his relationship with Alternate Iron Padlock Cadence is no huge loss to be frank.

This feels weird but also looks incredibly sweet. Although we do see a cupid arrow in Shining’s ass, shot by Chrysalis, which means forced, so……considerably less sweet.