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Commission for @resi90
Chyrssie is takin her role as cupid seriously :)
suggestive170630 artist:braffy381 queen chrysalis38743 shining armor25677 anthro310710 unguligrade anthro57488 idw17992 bbw4997 bed49319 bedroom eyes71319 belly35099 belly bed3400 big breasts104545 blushing235297 breasts336750 busty queen chrysalis4488 chubby15232 chubby cheeks4750 cleavage40366 cupid243 extra thicc1180 fat25698 female1582322 huge breasts48440 infidelity8308 lovey dovey7 male451667 mirror universe1172 morbidly obese9232 obese13479 on bed5663 pink dress220 queen chrysalard337 reversalis278 shining chrysalis548 shipping227451 size difference17866 ssbbw2024 straight157551 thunder thighs12102 wide hips23842


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Could just be bedroom foreplay. She normally doesn’t need props to enthrall people.
Also, if its Alternate Shining, his relationship with Alternate Iron Padlock Cadence is no huge loss to be frank.

This feels weird but also looks incredibly sweet. Although we do see a cupid arrow in Shining’s ass, shot by Chrysalis, which means forced, so……considerably less sweet.